Websites To Watch Movies Free Online

Streaming: Top 5 Best Free Streaming Sites for Series and Movies

Looking for a free streaming site to watch your favorite movies or series? Gent side invites you to discover the top 5 best French streaming sites.

Faced with the threat of criminal penalties for anyone downloading audiovisual content, streaming sites have quickly become a convenient and secure alternative for many Internet users.

Faced with the growing number of streaming sites proliferating on the web, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Gent side offers you here a top 5.

1 – Zone Streaming

Formerly Fullmoviz, Zone Streaming is currently the most popular French streaming site of the moment. The site offers to watch movies in VF for free and unlimited. Shared links on the site allow you to watch movies in HD quality. Regularly updated, Zone Streaming has a catalog offering a wide range of films that will make you enjoy the latest releases and classics.

2 – Papystreaming

Papystreaming is one of the oldest French streaming sites available on the web. There are movies and series in both VF and VOST depending on the links, available for free unlimited. Installing a small software named Cacaoweb is however necessary to get more than one link to watch a movie or episode. But as a bonus, advertising is totally absent from the site, everything is financed by sponsorship links.

3 – LibertyVF

If you do not like to read subtitles and prefer to watch movies in VF, LibertyVF is for you. With a well-stocked catalog and often updated with news, the site offers many movies and series streaming very good quality and without registration.

4 – Sokrostream

Sokrostream is a newer player and has quickly established itself as one of the best French sites for streaming. Films and series are honored on the site and can be viewed in any type of quality, from CAM to high quality HD. Users are involved and participate in the life of the site since they can share their own movies and series by making them available. The catalog of Sokrostream is regularly fed by the contributions of its users and the choice is vast.

5 – Openload Movies

Openload Movies is a Greate website with a large database of movies and TV Series. Where you can get access to them without registration. Formerly they was using the name Openload and now the moved their domain to Openload Movies and you check it here

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